Top 10, everyone’s favourite lesbian website for all the great lesbian news of especially America (although, I have to say, Spanish lesbians on TV is getting covered fairly well), has a Top 100 every year. And like the good ol’ gay girl that I am, I send in my top 10, only to find out that apart from the few obvious ones, there are some girls that I find hot that other lesbians don’t, so much.

My best friend is apparently a bit more of a traditional lesbian than me, because she gets her top 10 and the list’s almost exactly the same every year.When we tried to remember who we voted for last year, we naturally couldn’t. So I thought I’d post mine here, so next year I can actually remember who I voted for, and also look to see if my taste in women changes as I get older. (Also, I’d probably put Karen Zoid and Nina Swart on there if I thought that they had any chance.)

So without further ado, with pictures, of course, because that is kind of the point…

1. Lena Headey


2. Famke Janssen


3. Diane Lane


4. Laurel Holloman


5. Sarah Shahi

Veterans Administration Complex

6. Sushmita Sen


7. Kate Winslet


8. Kelly Preston


9. Catherine Zeta-Jones


10. Crystal Chappell (and I know Jessica Leccia is also on the picture, but she’s hot too, so it’s okay…)


So there. This post was probably way more fun putting together than reading (or watching) 🙂


~ by plesierig on August 4, 2009.

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