Obessions: Karen Zoid

The day Karen Zoid got married was the most depressing of my life. Before that day, I firmly believed (hoped, prayed) that she was on our team. More specifically, my team. But alas. It was not to be.

I had excellent reason for thinking that she was on the gay team.

Firstly, the lyric in one of the songs that she sang live that said: ‘My seksualiteit is omstrede’. (My sexuality is debatable.) Secondly, those rumours about her and Nina Swart. (That ended with the rumours about Nina and Lize Beekman, but that is another story). I have absolutely no idea where those rumours came from. But they were there. And lastly, the fact that she used to (and still does) look SO DAMN GAY. I mean, seriously. SOOOO GAY. Just admit it.

Okay, some excellent reasons.

Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll blog about her many more times. For now, here are some pictures of her.

The woman has got style.

And she rocks a guitar like no one else on earth.

Don Reinecke, you are one lucky man.


~ by plesierig on October 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Obessions: Karen Zoid”

  1. I was also convinced she was, and still think she may be bi. I have spent many hours pouring over her songs searching for suggestive lyrics. One of my favourites is in “Katriena”: “[sy] was lief vir haar lewe/en so bietjie vir my.” Oh boy it feels good to find another lesbian South African postgrad!

  2. Well the question to Karen… who know’s these days, everyone is gay one time or another, scary when you think about it. what is really scary is the thought of not so many postgrads being on the team…
    we are all over, in every conversation, in every meeting, in every room, on evry street… why look for it in the sooo fimiliar faces?

    maybe because they sing and say the words we all struggle with – in a quick frase in a song, a confusing lyric to the world…

    wish we could all find the open faces in our own daily surroundings as easily, sometimes I refrain the though… how did times change when we still get married, still get stuck in those silly relationships going no where when in fact… we know what the answers are. Choices to the aid of individual happiness anyway.

  3. I’ve decided to do my PhD dissertation on us: lesbian fans of Karen Zoid. Email me if you’d be interested in talking to me about this. queerphd (at) live (dot) com

  4. Karen Zoid is bi! I always suspected as much, but I heard her telling someone at her concert last week that she likes both men and women!!!!

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