And so it is…

After doing almost everything else I could think of to procrastinate, I turn to this. Without any real plans to have anyone see this, my secret identity intact, here goes…

‘Plesierig’ is an Afrikaans word for cheerful or happy. It also used to be the name of trusty old laptop, since retired. Yes, sometimes I name inanimate objects. Currently, I think it describes my mood fairly well.

In Amelié, one of my favourite movies, upon introducing a character, she states their likes and dislikes. This seems a good way as any to introduce myself, and will probably be a fair indication of what to find in this blog…

Plesierig likes:

  • women (I am also one. Yes, a lesbian. If this makes you want to reach for your Bible, please go away)
  • sports. Mostly of the South African variety (rugby and cricket), but I’ll watch almost anything
  • studying. I am a postgrad student. Studying is my life.
  • food. Eating, not preparing.
  • music. Also mostly of the Afrikaans variety.

Plesierig dislikes:

  • people who cannot drive. In the town where I live, there a lots of these people.
  • uninformed or unintelligent people. (Does this make me a snob? I don’t know)
  • intolerance, and people who practise this.
  • boxing. It might be the silliest sport in the world.

And off we go…


~ by plesierig on July 17, 2008.

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